Are you a New Year’s Resolution Newbie, Master, or Flunkee?

New_Years_Resolution 2023

Turning the page on the new year is a chance to wipe the slate clean—and to be better versions of ourselves. And when it comes to what we want to improve, goals that fall in the health and wellness arena top all other New Year’s resolutions. Goals such as eat healthier (1), get more exercise (2) […]

Physical Therapy Isn’t Just for Pain. It Can Keep You Healthy for Life!

Nikao Performance and Rehab Phoenix

You know that physical activity is good for you. The benefits are well researched and the list is impressive. Here’s just a sampling: Releases endorphins to make you feel good and fight depression Helps control weight Prevents diseases like stroke, diabetes and some forms of cancer Improves sleep Helps you live longer Recent studies even […]

Your Smart Phone Could Be Rapidly Aging Your Spine

man using mobile smart phone

Chances are that you probably haven’t given much thought to how your neck and back are faring in the era of the smart phone, but studies show that you most certainly should. It’s practically a reflex these days to pull out our smart phones when we’re standing in line, sitting at the airport or riding […]